Get involved! Get networked!

Students may join the AMA – last  I checked for students the rate is….free! Here’s the link to AMA’s Toronto chapter:

Also – some terrific Research Organizations to join:

The MRIA had served as an industry association to provide resources, forums, networking events, job fairs, input on industry standards, an industry voice, etc however, in August 2018 they closed down. Not sure what the role or scope of the reformed version might end up looking like; feel free to decide for yourself.

Here, in no particular order, are links to some job boards at some of the major (very credible!) players in the research community


Logit Group (parent of Q-FI)






Harris Decima:

Research Now

Homepage Main

Kantar Millward Brown (also own Vividata PMB)

Delvinia (asking Canadians)

Careers at Delvinia

Dynata/ SSI (Survey Sampling Intl)

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Vision Critical