Education-related slideshows (silent! you can escape my irritating voice!):

A 3 page deck basics to do upfront; at the onset of a research project, be sure to articulate both the Business Problem… and the Research Problem!


Common ‘Combined Research’ Methods: Here’s a short deck on some common sequences of different Research Methods – 3 sequences often used to validate new products or new uses, and 3 sequences often used to find ad message ideas and/or to test new ad messaging. This doesn’t mean you need follow these sequences! Every research situation is unique. But it is a chance for you to review these popular sequences and then ask yourself: ‘Why do they do that? What specific insights/benefits arise from applying those methods in that order?’


Using avatars. Creating fully ‘fleshed out’ avatars can be a huge help for New Product Development, Research Survey design, media planning and much more: AvatarsInMarketingStevenLittJuly2019

Survey Layout Basics:  Here are my guidelines on how a ‘classic’ survey might look, and some tips on when ‘classic’ survey design need not apply.


Focus Groups: Some tips I picked up after some years as a professional Moderator of Focus Groups – and many more as a client at such sessions:


NonDisclosure Agreements (N.D.A.’s): I’m no lawyer, but I’ve signed or issued dozens of NDA’s. Those of you who wish to go far will undoubtedly come to appreciate the importance of NDA’s in your career as an employee or entrepreneur. Please familiarize yourself with the basics! And note that even the basics will vary by nation, by industry, by situation.


N.P.S. or ‘Net Promoter Score’ (a TM of Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix Systems) is a useful yet limited tool that imo is well worth understanding! It’s so popular in so many venues that you ignore it at your peril. Get to know it; why and when it’s most useful, and learn how to make it more useful for your specific situation!


Branding: How many different ways can brands be selected? The Auto Industry is a fine forum in which to watch a variety of such strategies.

Target Market Descriptions/ Communications:  Can consumers honestly, accurately identify themselves by a TargetMarket label? Fashion industry retailers think that they can.