‘Nearby’ or not, how will the data be used? Ready or not, here it comes.

Blog – ‘Nearby’ is a sign that location based will revolutionize targeting, messaging, offers. http://www.eweek.com/mobile/androids-nearby-feature-debuts-helps-users-find-whats-nearby.html

This tech is going to be huge- but it’ll raise tons of issues

  1. Privacy issues, EVEN THO most consumers will inevitably ‘opt-in’ this type and level of personal-location data is going to tempt requests for access by eg disgruntled employers, spouses in divorce cases, legal defense and prosecution, etc.
  2. Storage! Storing this location-based data will multiply the need for storage, much of it inevitably cloud based
  3. Security: firewalls for cloud firms and for retailers downloading it to use. The temptation (& commercial upside) to hack it, will be huge.
  4. Competitiveness: Jury’s out whether this will help big retailers dominate, or allow small nimble retailers to better compete. But if you don;t play, you certainly won’t win.

One thing seems certain: inevitable winners will include consulting firms, beacon makers, Apple/ Google platforms, cloud storage firms.

Read it and weep- we know where you are (and where you go, and when you’re close, and when you pause, and …).


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