Well if it isn’t the new tobacco!- There goes the neighbourhood!

Not surprising to see articles like this: sugar being compared to tobacco- the ever-addictive (& cheap!) sugar, and the taste-bud quenching (& cheap!) salt have been used to excess for generations in a fairly unregulated way. In hindsight, a massive society-wide nutrition-health experiment gone awry.

And now? Whether it’s a fast food firm finally offering non sugary beverages, a soda firm launching stevia versions vs sucrose/ fructose/ fake sweetener, or a frozen meal firm finally reviewing how many times the RDA of sodium they NEED to include to safely preserve that food, companies are reviewing salt & sugar levels. I would bet that a powerful stimuli is being aware there’s a ‘window’ to self-regulate before the government (who foots the long term healthcare bill resulting from such vast over-consumption) steps in.

The mainstream public have finally started to read some labels.

Change is a’comin.


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