Theatrical Developments

MarketWatch et al report Amazon’s interest in (presently covid-distressed) asset AMC Theatres.

imo what’s particularly intriguing? The many ways in which Amazon might leverage that asset:

Wise commentators say that Amazon already creates ‘original entertainment content’ for the small screen; buying AMC will let them amortize the ‘cost of creation’ by pre-releasing it in theatres.

Beyond that, they can generate enhanced view of the ‘value’ of that content.

They may create co-promotions

‘Attend a Theatre event, get 3 months free Amazon Prime membership’; or

‘Buy >$200 of goods this month on Prime, get a Free Movie Ticket’.

But wait… there’s more!

Amazon-AMC could signal a creative new era for amazing gaming / e-sports revenue generating events, partnerships, etc. It could mean a rotating lineup of latest greatest gotta-have-it Amazon-goods in AMC lobbies for the ‘It-group’ Influencers. It could allow gathering place for various Amazon ‘communities’ – small businesses, seller groups, designers & manufacturers, etc.

Amazon isn’t a big retail real estate owner yet, but AMC sites have lobbies, concession/food areas, party rooms (which can become ‘breakout rooms’) plenty of zone-approved parking, and (here’s the bonus) that realty asset is largely unused during work hours on weekdays .

Interesting development- as I write this, a takeover hasn’t yet occurred, but if it does happen, we might all be wise to watch the way the behemoth wields its newfound ‘physical property’ assets.

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