Will a Wealthy Wave ‘Trickle Down’ post lockdown?

Bloomberg draws attention to CIBC data on how much savings high-income Canadians amassed as the lockdown limited spending. Although much of the (Reagan era) ‘trickle down’ economic theory proved overblown, I’d bet on a wealthy spending wave THIS TIME, especially: Travel & Spoil-Me/Look-At-Me discretionary items (Fashion, jewelry, watches, art, luxe autos, golf, home reno- but NOT DIY stuff…) & indulgent services/experiences (spa, recreation, space travel, etc).

The counterpoint? Sectors that soared under lockdown may soften. Puzzles, RV’s, DIY, Food delivery, Amazon, paper (Cascades paper/tissue quarterly results are already fading), cleaning/hygiene items.

Whatever sector you play in, you might consider if your products & services are properly placed & promoted to catch this Wealth Rebound Wave (insert Beach Boys song here!). https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/canadians-sitting-on-100-billion-in-excess-cash-cibc-s-tal-1.1568825

If in a lockdown-‘favoured’ sector eg RV’s, puzzles, DIY crafts/projects: what programs or new products/services might soften the downturn? ie to hold onto those lockdown-generated newcomers, promote ‘continuity’ of use, increase use-up rate, engage with contests and communities and other 2.0 content, etc?

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