Cupertino Cash Cow dries up

For decades, Cupertino’s crew milked the charger/ cord cow. Invent a new type of cord connection – thunder & lightning-oh my! -then charge twice as much as an equivalent accessory for an Android device.

Lose a cord? Pay Cupertino (handsomely) again. Kink a cord. Pay again. Charger die? Pay again. Need a charger for the auto? Pay again.

This was a gift that kept giving— to Apple. Now that might change due to Europe- perennially the first jurisdiction to take on the tech behemoths- Google for its privacy policies, facebook for its inexcusable algorithms, and now Cupertino, for its price gouging.

You may need to redo that BCG diagram; as of 2024, Cupertino loses a couple of cows that served’em well- filling the cash drawer, so Apple could reinvest in new ecosystem growth categories.

So sad, but not even cows live forever.

“Coboss Charger, Coboss Cord”- time to graze in that great pasture in the sky.

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