fyi- some sites I’ve visited & found useful. Perhaps you will too.

NB: I’ve found no issues or bugs with any of these,  but can’t guarantee the links will operate forever – pls ‘comment’ if one’s misbehaving, and I’ll fix /delete it. Thanks!


Want to join a Research Panel?

These are from, imo, reputable firms:

as part of SSI

and as part of Ipsos

or Microsoft

or Forum Research

or Shoppers Voice

or become part of Nielsen HomeScan..


Audit Data!

These are imo the nation’s 2 leading audit data providers in CPG etc


Get On the Bus!

Need quick turnaround for a few standard format questions for mass audience? “Omnibus”-style services:  very handy at times. Several available, however, this is one I’ve dealt with longest (going waaaaay back)



As all my students know, I view the MRIA site as essential for any practitioner and a fine source of updates on guidelines and of course the 10 Core Principles

I recommend the CORE-TCPS tutorial to ensure students and practitioners of research recognize the gravity of their role- it outlines several unfortunate real cases that show why professionals tend to urge ‘less rushed, more careful’ research implementation. It’s our own version of ‘Do No Harm’ – keep clients from harm AND research subjects (respondents/participants) from any and all risk of possible harm- eg financial, career, reputation, emotional or physical.



Other Research Sources & Videos!

A site with lots of videos and keynote speakers