As a university student and later in (many) decades of Marketing / Management work, I needed to ‘sort’ the models I’ve encountered. Some business books or sites cover a few of the major models; rarely does any 1 book attempt to cover many. It’ll be a long journey to address them all! In the meantime, it may help to consider each model according to where/when you’re likely to apply it– ie at the Corporate or Brand ‘level’ or when you’re trying to make sense of how consumers process info/messages & ‘need’.

1.Macro Models: deal with The Big Picture! They help us manage long term success, make wise decisions impacting entire organization

2. Mental Models: better understand Consumers/ Customers

3. Product/Brand Models: help manage Brands, Products, Product Lines

These videos may help you start a (worthwhile!) journey to become a strategy guru

On Strategic Priorities and priority-setting ie the fit/consequences of a growth path

A Dozen Ways To Grow

Strategy Gone Wrong

On the role / optics of strategy, strategy in markets & life, strategy misinformation

Strategy Tips, Common Strategic Errors

5 Ways Strategy Enhances Your Life

Strategy vs Optics

Strategy At Work: Tech Behemoth Battle

Big Picture strategy -which strategy is being used by a firm to win battles:

Competitive Advantage

Ansoff (Product-Market) Matrix

Maslow & Marketing

BCG Matrix

And as prepared by Professor Tim Richardson (Witiger)]:

1st Mover (“early bird gets the worm” vs “2nd mouse gets the cheese”)

Part 1:

Part 2:

On Part 1 of The Marketing Plan –  Situation Analysis

Situation Analysis of a Marketing Plan

Practical SWOTs

The PESTLE-C: What it is, how to do it

Positioning Maps

On Ethics + Mission Fit of ways to grow &/or pick a growth partner

Ethics In Business

Legends and Corporate Culture

On Marketing Plans: data/figures & ‘7P’ detail needed, CSR partner check, etc

The (4P’s) Marketing Mix

The 7 P’s of Marketing

Target Segments

How Math Applies in Marketing

Consumer Promotion Strategies

Marketing Plan CALENDARS

Strategy Partner/Option Fit Factors

Finding End Price:

Choosing Channels

Product Life Cycle (PLC):  

Part 1

Part 2

Prior to submitting a final Marketing Plan

Marketing Plans: Steps To Impress

Professional Marketing Plans