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After years of front-line Retail & Service work, a B.Sc. and an M.B.A., I joined P&G’s Brand management team, then worked 15 years in USA & Canada in packaged goods & healthcare management, then took roles in applied research (quantitative & qualitative), consumer data & strategic consulting. I’ve designed & run research (as a professional moderator), created new product strategies, managed channel expansion plans, run 5 Year Planning sessions & presented at global conferences. I always got a kick out of helping underdogs & giving a boost to the next generation of marketing pro’s, so I began teaching in college in 2010 …and have taught ever since, while also consulting periodically.

I’m passionate about trends & problem-solving & remain inspired by Scott Adams, Doug Coupland, Dali, Jared Diamond, Phillip K. Dick, Hugh Dowding, El Anatsui, T.S. Eliot, Tina Fey, Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright, William Gibson, Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Hansen, Lawren Harris, Kevin Hart, Frank Herbert, Hiroshige, C.J. Walker, Stephen King, Kurosawa, Milton, Michael Porter, Peckinpah, Alex Proyas, Shakespeare, Christine Sinclair, Sun Tzu, A.E. Housman… and many more

Personal passions include strategy, history, maps, trends, fitness & cars.

Want to reach me? Feel free to connect at:  strategysteven@gmail.com