This is where I’ll upload some Practical Tips for Marketing students who are about to graduate and those who are relatively new to a marketing role:

Briefs and NDAs:

Client Attendee Conduct at Professional Research Sessions

General Tips on Professionalism:

How do Conclusions differ from Recommendations?

Are you preparing a Findings Report? Wondering how Conclusions differ from Recommendations? Then this may help:

Are you drafting SMART Objectives? This may help:

Even if your Marketing Objectives are S.M.A.R.T., they should also be wise!

To ensure Objectives are wise, conquer the final frontier- SPACE!

Networking soon?

Tips on preparing for a networking meeting:

Preparing a Pitch?

Troublesome questions a client or partner may ask, shouldn’t surprise you! Many are quite predictable. Tips on preparing for The ‘Question and Answer’ portion of a Pitch – whether a Research Proposal, New Media Campaign, Distribution effort, Promotion idea, etc.

Preparing to do Observation Research?

Preparing to conduct a Market Test?

Calculating Margin?

Reality Check for Marketing, Sales or Research Professionals & Entrepreneurs: you won’t always have ‘the analysis people’ with you in meetings, Pitches, ie when decisions are being made. Learn to calculate Margin for yourself. A Metric this crucial to success in marketing, is a metric you had better know how to calculate!

Calculating End -Price

Regrettably, I’ve been in meetings in which senior attendees with lofty titles & salaries had no clue how to calculate End Price. Incredible that one can earn an SVP Title in a sophisticated FMCG firm, without grasping how ‘consumer’ pricing on their own items is even determined, even if they already know its Cost of Goods. I’d bet many such executives somehow kept their elite hands clean from such ‘details’ for their entire privileged careers, no doubt thinking such ‘drudgery’ is best left to their firm’s ‘little people’.

You & I live in a world where “Make it so, Numbah One” is a TV line, not a work reality, here’s a basic: how to calculate End Price – with examples.

Ready to Go To Market with a new line or item? Look before your leap! Choosing a Channel Partner– ‘fit factors’ to consider:

Ready to request or undertake new Primary Research? Consider reviewing some quick guidelines to ensure you’re using Practical Sample Criteria.

Preparing to meet a Retail Buyer? Some practical front-line tips to help you prepare and find a win-win.

Doing a forecast? Not the most glorious role a marketer tends to fulfill, admittedly. But it is a vital role, so here are some considerations and tips.