Geo-data + Kids: Risky Combination

Fine BBC article below on chat apps’ location and pic-sharing services. That alone wouldn’t be so awkward- or risky. But add Minors to the equation and…. it seems a risky scenario that might be exploited by the wrong kinds of people. Will have to see whether more realistic security limits are built than the standard “Are you an adult?” or “Birth date” disclaimers that are so routinely ‘played’ by kids everywhere.

Shall we expect more regulations? Or self-imposed industry guidelines? In fast evolving categories, it’s tough for Executives to take time from day-to-day duties for long term ‘macro’ issues. Perhaps doubly difficult to see the value of investing time in an industry forum where competitors face up to shared concerns that need attention. But there are strategic advantages to aggressive early self-regulating, versus awaiting the day when bureaucrats jump on this with blanket-style prohibitions that buy votes by pandering to public opinion, when the first (inevitable) tragic ‘Minor harmed’ news story breaks.



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