a rare silver lining

Very few sectors of the economy are winning amidst covid closures & restrictions; theatre, dining out, tourism, accommodation & airlines are all being brutalized. Yet motor-homing is hot– good new for RV dealers, parks, etc.

Talk about the rise of an underdog! RVing is an industry that saw decades of decline & looked doomed to keep losing tourism occasions to (ever-more affordable) air travel, unless it could change attitudes. That seemed to be the impetus for a major new marketing campaign a couple years ago (which I blogged about) inviting GenY to “Bring Back Wildhood” ie to connect with nature (and your own innate spontaneity/freedom).

Fast forward a couple years and- voila!- opportunity knocks! https://www.iheartradio.ca/610cktb/news/rv-and-boat-sales-booming-during-covid-19-pandemic-business-owners-say-1.12923281

Inside every cloud……

Yes RV’s are big. Not too easy to drive. Consume lots of gas; ergo, not the best ‘eco-story’. However… they provide a casual, easy social intimacy for couples/families; they take you right into nature (ie not to an airport) and they let you enjoy the benefits of travel adventures, without taking current travel-affiliated covid risks. Win, win, win.

Congratulations to the RV industry- you deserved a break- and you got one!

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