Causes done right ( CSR, EDI, whatever)

These are days of social visibility; members of the pubic ‘out’ a firm for a breach of public trust, or a lapse in standards. Any ‘outing’ goes global across multiple #SoMe platforms in an instant so it’s vital to do some good‘ to let your organization invoke the “SQUIRREL!!!” tactic- redirect negativity by pointing to the good you’re doing. Think of it as a ‘counterbalance’.

Wait – you say your org has done nothing good to balance the negativity? Absolutely no Corporate Social Responsibility activity ( #CSR )? Oops! You had your chance to select a high-fit cause & support it prominently- it could be CSR or EDI (used to stand for ‘Electronic Data Interchange’; now more commonly is short for ‘Equity Diversity & Inclusion’). For example, here’s a full page Saturday Star ad for Joe Carter’s annual charity classic – think of the upsides to a sponsor:

an uncontroversial, universal, sympathetic cause (children’s well being)

an untainted Toronto sports living icon

a chance to make connections via the best networking game ever- golf

see your brand/org linked to the cause on multiple social/media platforms

If you’re too late to support this cause, find another & get some “SQUIRREL” distraction insurance for the next, inevitable time some consumer group or activist throws eggs at you.

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